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With 25 years of experience backing software and mobile applications you are in the best hands.

We are a team specialising in Software development, Web development, Digital Marketing, and Business consultancy but above all we are problem solvers. We dive deep into your business and apply the best possible solution, and if there isn’t one we find and create one.
We automate work processes tailored to your need and help you with on-going maintenance of your solutions. We have been operating in the global market for last 5 years and served over 60+ brands from New Zealand and Canada.

Why Custom Tailored Solutions?

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You have ownership of your own solution. The system can become a business asset. You can train your team to be masters of your solution

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Greater Flexibility

Provides greater flexibility compared to off-the-shelf solutions so that you can modify and adjust the solution as needed by making it more scalable and adaptable.

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Unlimited Users

Your system ! Your Choice , Have a flexibility to have no limits on the number of users

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Save on Subscriptions

Cost effective. Saves future costs that are normally charged by subscription-based systems.

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Go Paperless

Automating the manual paper processes to digital can make your business more easy to operate and manage your data.

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Increased Efficiency

These solutions are designed to streamline and optimize business processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

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Ongoing Support

Dedicated support from the development team, ensuring that any issues or problems are quickly addressed and resolved.

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Increased Business Performance

Tailored solution to specific needs of a business has proved to be improving the performance dramatically - More Profit

Why Choose Us

We Create Result-Oriented Dynamic Applications

With serving customers over years we thrive ourselves to be a reliable, experienced, and customer-focused company that offers high-quality services at competitive prices.


Understanding the problem

We understand your needs and find automated solutions to fit your needs. We find the best approach to solve the problem so that it adds value to your day to day business cycle.


Finding a solution and testing it

We create solutions that are based on your priorities and deliver it with within timelines. We take great pride in the quality of our work, and we always strive to exceed our customers' expectations


Maintenance and upkeeping of the system

Our work isn’t done with just finding the solution. We take it to the next level by helping you manage it on your own and also provide ideas on improving the user experience


What Our Clients Say


We have worked with Crazy Codes for a number of years. The service, skill and professionalism is second to none! I can fully recommend Crazy Codes and from experience know they certainly do bring ideas to life!

Carla Dobbyn
General Manager, Cald Enterprises

After having all our sites hacked on a US hosting provider, Ruchita not only helped me get through the mess of cleaning it all up and adding proper security to the new site, but has now also built our 2 newest sites! Her knowledge of backend procedures is amazing and she is quick to respond to queries no matter how dumb I may think they sound 🙂 Highly recommend her!

Amy Joy
CEO, Amy Joy Co

i had bought several domains from a NZ provider, needed a website, so bought their “website builder” service. from there on in, everything was hard. Getting my website secure – i had to buy their service. i bought their basic SEO package, only to find out it didn’t work. i spent close to $1000 going around in circles, the only answer i received was “i need another product”. I asked Ruchita to rescue me, and within a week I had a usable website with SEO working, proper SSL security, and a common wordpress platform. No more headaches, wasted time and money, Ruchita was magic! I highly recommend her !!!

Brendan Richardson
CEO, The IT Partners

No job is to hard! Ruchita always finds a way to solve our problems for us! If you need any customisation done to your website you should talk to her!

Ida Larson
CEO, Whitelynx Photography

Ruchita recently took care of getting our site up-to-date security wise and took over our hosting. Although a couple of unexpected challenges came up during that process, she dealt with them super quickly and was always extremely responsive – exactly what you need in an IT person!

Verity Craft
General Manager, Intelligent Ink

Ruchita was top notch to work with. She patiently worked through what seemed like confusing issues to me and fixed it! Left me with clear details on how to sort things and the whole process was so professional, timely and most importantly patient! I would not hesitate to use her services again. The invoice was exactly as she quoted even though I thought it took longer than expected – amazing and I highly recommend Crazy Codes 🙂

Jennie Jackson
CEO, The Adaptive Yogi
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